Friday, 15 January 2010

Selective censorship

You know how sometimes when you buy a magazine, it comes with lots of flyers and commercial add-ins, and it's packaged in a plastic sleeve?
Well, yesterday I decided to treat myself to some inspiration and went to get a few magazines at the book shop. I picked up a copy of 'Shape', and inside the plastic sleeve was a big white paper. It covered most of the cover and since I wanted to read and see what this issue was about, I tried to shake the packaging a bit to get the white paper (which I thought had been put backside out by mistake) to move. It didn't, so I picked another copy, but that too had a white paper..?
Ah, now the coin dropped... It was censored!
This is how it looks if they think the cover girls are showing a bit too much:

And this is how she actually looked like, not porno in any way of course, just a healthy, well trained body - not too different from the girl on the 'Runner's World'-cover. I guess the one in the yellow bikini is just showing a little bit too much cleavage...

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Katarina said...

Censurerad,, he he ,,från min egen tid i Brunei så var mycket censurerat,, Det var en befrielse att bila över gränsen på helgerna för ett mer friare liv,, dricka vin och simma i havet utan full mundering...

Härligt med läsning av tidningar när det är regnväder, kanske..