Sunday, 10 January 2010

It's the weekend!

We're having a lovely, relaxing weekend. Really felt the need for that, after a somewhat slightly tiring first week back at school.
Yesterday we took the kids to have their favourite lunch, sushi, together with some friends. Then we took them up to Muara Beach so they could ride their bikes for a bit. It's very nice up there, with lots of little paths to ride/walk on, picnic areas and a big playground. Even though we were there in the middle of the afternoon it wasn't too hot as the breeze is lovely just by the beach.

After their ride we went to the Yacht Club for a quick swim and some dinner, and in the evening Nathan and I decided it was time to go and see 'Avatar'. Oaw... I've been dreaming about blue creatures and glowing landscapes all night..!

All in all, a very lovely Saturday, and Sunday is still an unwritten story. We are waiting for Nathan to come back from his morning bike ride before we get on with the day.


tinylou said...

why douidnt you call in and say hi if were at Muara!

Katarina said...

Ser ut som ni haft en härlig helg!