Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Honorary member

Linnea is, as you know, not really a girlie girl. Even though she does like her handbags, she's not so 'pink' and 'fairy-like' as many of her friends. She always says she prefers boys and her two best friends are Ben and Daniel.
Today it was Daniel's birthday, and when they finalized his guest list he didn't want any girls at his party. Linnea got invited though because as Daniel said - "she's my friend". (And, Anne and Ida were also allowed at the party, since "they live in the house..!")
Very funny!

So here is Linnea, as an honorary member of the "boys club", playing Spiderman climbing the window:


tinylou said...

looks more fun being a boy!!!

tina i said...

sorry this is tina i !