Thursday, 14 January 2010

Excursion to the supermarket

Linnea went on the bus on a school excursion today, to the local supermarket. She has been so excited about this since they found out they were going and has been counting her sleeps, bless her!
I came along as parent helper, as you know I do enjoy the school trips - even though the supermarket might not have been the most exciting venture point, I spend enough time there every week as it is!

Listening to the teacher before going in, getting to know the dos and donts:

They got split in smaller groups, and got shopping "lists" and money, and then we set off to find our things. We had carrots, potatoe and onion on our "list". Looking:


Then to pay... the poor cashiers didn't know what hit them! 38 children who all wanted to pay for their potatoe, their pineapple, their apple etc..!

Then they got a little treat each from the SupaSave ladies for having been so good shoppers; a drink, an apple and a sausage roll:

And after the shopping, we all went next door to have a drink before going back to school. The children used their best restaurant manners, and got to order with the waiter themselves:

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Katarina said...

Så roligt de verkar ha haft det!