Monday, 18 January 2010


One of my many stops today (after manicure/pedicure, sushi lunch, bike shop for Nathan, sorting out the party bags for someones party this week and school run...) was the post office.
It had been a while so there was lots of mail waiting for us, including a couple of Christmas-cards (they just keep coming, thank you!) AND a parcel - for me!

A Christmas parcel actually, containing a little bit of heaven:

I received this package from a friend I have actually never met - but known for over 6 years..! She's part of the internet forum I've mentioned several times here on the blog. I've written about this Christmas gift exchange tradition too before, last year, you can find that post here.

This year I was so lucky as to get a Secret Santa living in Sweden, so apart from the 'Lakrisal' (that I nearly finished just on the way home from the post office...) it also contained 'Julskum', 'Däck' and the special edition 'Wunderbaum-Julgranar' by Ahlgrens Bilar, a beautiful woolen purse from Klippan's Yllefabrik and two glossy magazines for me and a magazine each for the kids!

Thank you Miqa!


Katarina said...

Mmm, härlig överraskning!

TinTin said...

Skriver Hardenäran på födelsedagen här, bland julklapparna! Hoppas att du och lilla gumsan haft en toppendag!

Viktoria said...

Vad härligt med paket från Sverige! Godiset saknar man ju..