Thursday, 25 December 2008

A special tradition

You might remember the internet network I wrote about here? Every year we do a Secret Santa swop, where we randomly get someone allocated to send a Christmas present to. It's going on it's fifth year now, and I have been participating every year - it's really fun!
The whole month of November we build up to it on the forum, with different questionnaires and polls we invent ourselves, to try and suss out the interests and wishes of our secret santas.

This year, I got to send a present to a lady in Germany and I was in luck this year, because she shares my passion for scrapbooking, easy peasy! I put together a mixed package of scrapbook goodies and sent that to her. You can see it here.

I also got sent scrapbook stuff! My present came all the way from Canada, and apart from the scrapbook things for me it also contained some cute hair clips for Linnea and a Spiderman Activity book for Lucas - oh, and maple tea!

Thank you so much Nettan! And a special Merry Christmas to all my UFO-friends!


En häxa på vift said...

Yep, it was an absolutely fantastic gift and I was jumping with joy when I opened the present! I really can't thank you enough. :)
Have a very happy holiday

NETTAN said...

I'm glad you liked it :)
It really is a great tradition that we have - so exiting every year (how many has it been? 4?)