Friday, 5 December 2008

School's out!

Today was the last day of school before the holidays. It's a very nice feeling not to have to do any school runs for four weeks, aaahhh!

Nathan and I were both in school this morning for the end-of-term celebrations. It was a very busy morning, cause there was lots of things going on, in both classes. It looked a bit like this:

10.00 Starting in Lucas' class, listening to the three Reception classes performing some Christmas songs for us. (Brought a tear to my eye, they were so good, and so cute!)
10.15 Running over to Linnea's class, to watch the visit from Santa. Linnea was scared at first, but after realizing that Santa had presents for everybody she came around!
10.45 Going back to Lucas' class to watch (another) Santa visit the Reception kids. This Santa was a certified Santa (I didn't even know we had those in Brunei, haha!), and he was great! He took his time to talk to every single kid, and give them all a goodie bag each - and listen to their wishes etc.
11.10 Lucas had got his present from his Santa, and meanwhile Linnea had bashed a Xmas piñata and started on the party food. I had some xmas food with her, and gave her teachers some chocolates as a thank you for this term.
11.30 Then we went back to Lucas' class together since her day was finished there. They had also started on their party food. We gave his teachers the collective presents (spa-treatments and xmas tree decorations the kids had made) from the class, and then had a good time with the other kids and parents.

All the teachers had really made a huge effort in making this day very special day for the kids, and we all had such a lovely morning! I'm so proud of my kids, they are really doing so well in school and it makes my heart warm that they enjoy it so much.

Here is a slide show from today. I'm sorry that some of the photos are blurry, but I liked Lucas in them, so decided to include them anyway. In a way the blurriness reflects well on the mood and tempo of this day!
Some are also over- and underexposed... as I have said before, the more I try to practise (and play) with the camera - the worse the pictures come out at the moment. Some of these can be fixed in PS but I didn't have time to do that before writing this post, so bare with me.

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