Sunday, 28 December 2008

Just an illusion

Over the holidays I have been in contact with quite a few old friends I haven't heard from in a while. Usually, when having a blog, it's a bit one-way - I know for a fact lots of people seem to read the blog, but I rarely hear anything about their life, your life - you who read this.
Apart from this time of year, which is really nice.

The past few weeks, I have got the similar kind of comment many times though, that have surprised me a bit. I keep hearing "You seem to be really happy out there" or "You seem to have such a good life", in different variations.

It's made me wonder, cause God knows life in Brunei is not all peaches and cream!
I started reading back a bit, and yes, it does really seem like we are just happy, happy, happy... It feels like that is an illusion, but why?
Is it simply because it's not really entertaining blogging about boring days so I only blog about the fun stuff? Do I subconsciously try to paint a different picture than the real thing, ignore the hard times? Maybe it's just that I'm not that personal that I let the more 'blue' thoughts come out? Or am I ungrateful, should I be happier? Because we do have a good life, and we are in the right place for us right now.

I don't know. I do know I find our life here very hard at times though. I miss my friends, a lot. I do feel very lonely out here, even in the middle of all these people.
Life is not just peaches and cream.

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En häxa på vift said...

I'm here reading quite a bit but am lousy at making comments. Sorry, will try to do better. :)