Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

We had a lovely Christmas Eve this year too. The kids were up pretty early, and Nathan went to work in the morning - so I spent the morning finishing off the xmas cooking and wrapping the last presents. Malthe and Daniel came by for a short play which was really nice, made the wait a bit shorter for the kids.

We had tomtegröt (=santa porridge) for lunch, yum, and while Linnea had a sleep, Lucas and I watched the obligatory "Kalle och hans vänner"-show.

Nathan got back in perfect time, because just after his return we got a visit from Santa! (Yes, in Sweden he actually comes to every child to deliver the presents personally! Don't ask me about the logistics of that... that's just how it is!) It was lovely to see Santa, the kids were very happy for the presents and the rest of the afternoon was spent building Lego and playing with the new Skrållan doll and buggy; and the percussion buttons on the electric piano...

Then we had our Christmas dinner which was a bit of a mix of everything: we had ham that we had brought from NZ, marinated herring, meatballs, fresh homemade bread, yummy potato salad, brown cabbage and some vodka-cured salmon (first time I'd tried doing that) - mmm!

In the evening, after the kids were in bed, we went around to some friends for Christmas drinks. We were at their place last year too, it's a nice tradition for the adults to all get together to have a bit of their own Christmas, and gear up for the next day!

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