Sunday, 14 December 2008

Lunchtime on the boat

Today we took the boat out and went fishing for a bit. Grandma made us lunch on the boat, and it tasted delicious!

The kids wanted to swim, so Nathan had to go in (brrr!) too. Here they are contemplating it all, it took quite a while for Nathan to get in:

Linnea jumped in but swam straight back and got out again. Lucas jumped in too, but I tell you what - I have never seen anyone jump out of the water quicker than in! He was out of there in a flash! The water here doesn't really have the same temperature we are used to from Brunei...

Two goofs:

Linnea with wind in her hair:

Me practising driving Granddads boat, before Nathan will let me drive ours :) :

It was a great afternoon on the boat though, and now we are getting ready for a picnic in the park in town, we are going to "Carols in the Park". I'm hoping for some beautiful singing!

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