Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it's a peaceful one for you so far!

The kids actually didn't wake up that early this morning, we got to sleep until 06.45, which is not too bad!
Coming downstairs, we discovered that Santa had been in the night, eaten his cookie and drunk his beer - and Rudolf had nibbled on the apple! Very exciting! And - of course, he had left us lots of presents!

So, we have just had the big opening-presents-extravaganza-chaos, and now it's calmed down again. Linnea is sitting with all her presents around her, watching her new movie "Dora and the Snow Princess" - and Lucas is "helping" Nathan build some of his Lego. Gives me a moment to show you some pictures from this morning:

We have been very pleased to hear a lot of "Oh, I love this!", "Thank you so much for my presents" and "I have got so good presents"! It's been so nice to hear the kids being grateful and happy for each present, even though there was so many!

The program for the rest of the day includes a Christmas Lunch at the Empire Hotel (last year we did the Yacht Club one, so we thought we would try the Empire one this year) and some Christmas drinks at the neighbours later on tonight.
I guess we also have to plan in some more "Lego-building-and-toy-playing"-time this afternoon!

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