Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Christmas Tree

I love decorating the Christmas tree. This year I was really happy to see that the kids were all into it too, for the first time. I'm really traditional and keep putting up the same decorations year after year, but every year there is also new additions.
Most of them are mine, but some are the kids' - they have got a new ornament each year from Mormor, and some from Grandma and the family in Sydney too. There is really something magical in the memories connected to each ornament.

We have baubles with kangaroos on them, a very old cone-Santa coming from my grandmother, a NZ jandal, some NZ sheep, a Swedish snowman in stainless steel, a homemade decoration by Lucas, a felt moose, a gingerbread star in porcelain, a glass icicle from IKEA, angels, santas, xmas pigs and many more beautiful things.

I really love enjoying the sight of my lit tree in the evenings. I'm going to miss it while we are gone..!


horink said...

Do somebody know where can i buy a real CHristma Tree in Brunei or form where to send it:)? I looked all over internet and nothing:( and i want to send it to my girl friend for Christmas..

Thank you very much for your answer

MrsW said...

Sorry, but there are no real Christmas trees here... You can buy them in Singapore, and maybe ship them here??