Monday, 29 December 2008

My Christmas present

Nathan and I are not very romantic when it comes to presents to each other. Mostly we take the opportunity to buy something special we have wanted for a while, and then that will be our Christmas present.
For Christmas this year, Nathan got a bike pump and a bike stand (both that he bought himself and the kids and I wrapped it), because he needed these things urgently for his new hobby.
We also bought a punch bowl and glasses, and that was kind of a present for both of us.

Me, I got something I have been eying up for a while, a Pandora bracelet. But that was no surprise either, I had marked all my favourite charms in the little Pandora book, and stuck that in Nathan's hands for when he went for some Christmas shopping! (Pandora is a Danish brand that is sold globally. It has been around for some 25 years and this popular built-it-yourself-charm-bracelet was launched in 1999. New charms are added each year.)

Here is the result:

The first charm from the left, the flower, was chosen by Lucas. The next one is from Bruce & Yvonne; the purple one with the butterflies was Linnea's choice and the last one with the hearts is from Nathan.
And, I know there are more coming for my birthday, which isn't very far away, yay!

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Anonymous said...

Love your pandora! I've been building mine for quite awhile and I love how it marks occasions and celebrations in our lives. My next big one will be our adoption!