Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dinner and theater

Yesterday we went over to next-door for an impromptu dinner, and play for the kids. The adults were sitting outside chatting away, enjoying a drink and the kids were playing nicely inside.

Suddenly we were ushered inside - to watch a show? It was four little girls, and Lucas. He had got the part of the ringmaster and his big line was:
-"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the kids Jungle Show!"
Then a tiger, a bunny, a butterfly and Minnie Mouse (Linnea) floated around the room for a little while, before they took their bows.
They were very, very cute! A real shame I didn't have a video camera.

Afterwards, Linnea came outside and whispered in my ear:
-"Mummy, did you see? We did a great big show!"

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