Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The nightmare before Christmas

We are stuck. In NZ. Until we don't know when. Crap.

We had a little sleep early last night and got up just before midnight, to drive up to Auckland for our flight. That's a 3,5 h one-way drive. Our flight was supposed to leave at 05.30 this morning, but did we get a surprise arriving to the check-in counter only to discover that it was canceled!

The kids and I had initially planned to stay on down here for a few days longer than Nathan, but chose not to do so after we heard all flights for the rest of the week were overbooked. We didn't want to take our chances and maybe be separated for Christmas.
Well... guess how good our chances are to get to Brunei at all now..?

We drove the 3,5 hrs back to Taupo again. The next few days it was over-overfull of course, due to the cancellation today. So we will just wait and see. I'm not going back up to AKL again until I know we will get on the flight!
We are not sure yet what they will do with Nathan, since he kind of needs to get back to work. Hopefully (he only has two flights until the 29th) they will let him stay here, and we can all go home together eventually - maybe they will come up with another solution. We are just standing by at the moment, until they figure that one out.

I guess it could be worse. At least we are with family, where we are comfortable, and we have all our stuff.
But those of you who know me also knows how much I hate last-minute change of plans, how much I hate not knowing when things are going to happen and how much I hate packing suitcases - so this for me, is really a nightmare.

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