Monday, 29 December 2008

2008 in review - Part 2

Let's continue our trip of 2008!


In April, I went with Lucas and his Kindy class to a vegetable market excursion. I have really enjoyed all the different trips they do in school.

Anna, Maria and I went to Singapore for the day, did some shopping, had some lunch with wine (because we could!) and went to IKEA of course:

Lucas had the Kindy mascot, Maisy, home for a week. She got taken around everywhere, it got documented and later scrapped in the school-book:

We went to Australia, to celebrate Granddad's birthday in the Hunter Valley with the family, and to tourist a bit around in and around Sydney. We also saw some Swedish friends of mine while we were there:


Linnea had her first haircut:

Lucas had to make a trip to Ripas Hospital, after having drunk mosquito repellant. He was fine though, but better safe than sorry:

Team SWE attempted a climb of Mount Kinabalu. Unfortunately, as you might remember, we weren't allowed to go up to the peak, due to the bad weather... But hey, we had a great weekend anyway:

We were invited to High Tea at the Empire, with another Swedish delegation from Singapore.


June was a really, really busy month. Linnea went to visit her Kindy she was going to start in this year:

The Swedish National Day was celebrated with kladdkaka, together with the Danes (...):

Anna and I got published, in the magazine SWEA, in Singapore:

We went all venetian, for the big Loan Service Summer Ball:

The whole family went to the cinema for the first time here in Brunei, and saw Kung Fu Panda:

We celebrated Midsummer with "Team SWE" and said goodbye to Maria and Andy, who left Brunei for new adventures in Germany:

We were in school to watch the Sports Day activities and cheer on Lucas:

I took part in my first scrap crop, and won a prize!

Nathan went along to the pet shop, for another school excursion:

The end of the school year saw a big celebration, with the kids singing beautifully for us:

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