Friday, 19 December 2008

Being married to a gadget man

It is no secret that my husband is a real gadget man, it was even mentioned in a few speeches on our wedding! Our house it teched out with every possible gadget you can imagine, and he always has plans for the next cool toy or fantastic new gizmo he is planning to get.

Sometimes, there are things he would like, but can't justify buying - like f.e an iPhone. The thing is, his flying log programs aren't compatible with that. But... that doesn't stop him from getting it for someone else in the family - me.
For the record, yes, it is a nice phone.
I must say though, I think it's totally overpriced (even if we bought it in NZ, which is one of the few countries in the world you can buy them unlocked, and cheap) for what it is; and I was very against this purchase. I actually really liked my old Nokia, it worked really well (even after it's recent swim) and suited me and my needs perfectly.
But, now I have a new baby. As I said, yes - it is a nice phone!

I have a white one, and am currently spending some time getting to know it and synchronizing it with my other baby, my Mac. Just call me Gadget Woman!

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