Monday, 22 December 2008

A taste of the "real" world

The same day we came back from NZ, our amah went back to the Philippines on a two-week holiday. At first it felt a bit lonely, because we have gotten so used to having her around, we are so spoiled being able to have an amah. A few days into it though, I'm actually enjoying being in full control of my house!

We're doing dishes, cooking, tidying up and everything else; and I have done a major tidy-up around the house. I've cleared out the kids wardrobes from all the outgrown clothes, re-organized the kitchen cupboards and also had a huge go at the toys and the playroom where I went bananas with my new Dymo-machine! Now the whole house is labeled, so there are no more excuses for not knowing where things go!
I have also planned an easy Christmas dinner for us and I'm actually looking forward to the cooking! (Probably because I know it's not forever... ha ha!)

The only thing is of course, the kids are still off school, but without an amah there is no sleep-ins for us at the moment. It also means a bit more planning since we're now not having the built-in babysitter, but it's ok, it all works out fine. I hope she is having a lovely time with her family back home, and I look forward to having her back.

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