Saturday, 20 December 2008

Revamped upstairs

Before we went on holiday, I ordered new curtains for upstairs. I decided it was best to do them all at once, otherwise it would probably never be done, so I ordered new curtains for all five rooms!
They had been delivered while we were gone, so it was really exciting to come home and see how it turned out.

This is Linnea's room. Note she has also got a new bedspread, I really like that old-fashioned dark pink:

The master bedroom, Lucas' room and the playroom below all have four panels of curtains, but they had only given us tie-backs for the outer panels (?) unfortunately. So I had to call them back to have them make a few more. Here in the playroom, I'm currently using some toy snakes (...) to hold the curtains back, so you get the idea how it will look, eventually:

I chose this colour, cause it matches the colours on our world map that is hanging on the opposite wall from the window, sea green something. (The before picture here actually looks quite nice, but it's just an illusion - those curtains were old, worn and yucky.)

I will show you the rest when I get the tie-backs. I'm really pleased with all the colour choices though, and it feels so nice to have our own things. Even if it's "only" curtains! Certainly helps making the house a home.

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Jason said...

Yeah, they were old. I put them in the place I am sure of it. The ones from the playroom I bought from my old house too so they were really old old!