Saturday, 13 December 2008

Swedish Lucia coffee!

Usually when I'm in Taupo I go into this one jewelery shop to have a snoop because they tend to have a lot of Scandinavian brands in there. A few times ago the lady in the shop heard me speak Swedish to the kids and revealed she was Swedish too. Since then, I always make sure I go and say hi every time I'm here.
On Tuesday when I was in we talked about Christmas etc, and when she said she was going to have some friends over for coffee for Lucia - I was quick to invite myself! :)

So, today we went over to her house the whole family, and met up with her family and some other Swedes; we were 17 in total.
She had been baking both pepparkakor and lussebullar, and there was yummy homemade glögg as well! Lovely!

One of the ladies organized a little lucia-tåg (=procession), and Linnea was happy to take part! They/we sang a few songs and it was all very beautiful!

A few pictures:

I got a proper infusion of Swedish Christmas spirit and the kids made good friends with the other kids. Hopefully we will be able to meet up again next time we come. It feels cool to have some own friends here in NZ too!

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