Sunday, 28 December 2008

2008 in review - Part 1

It's that time of year again... it's incredible, where does time go?!? Another year has passed and we are soon to say hello to 2009. True to tradition, I always reminisce a bit in December, of the year that has been.

This year has been as busy as ever, with lots of things happening for us as a family and me personally. One of my own highlights was the climb of Mount KK in May. Even though we didn't get all the way to the top (not our fault) it was a great achievement for me.
It was also lovely to finally move into our house in July, and I have been enjoying making it a home these past few months - a work still in process.
Our long trip home to Europe this summer is also a nice memory of 2008. Five weeks full of family, friends and fun!

Here is our year in pictures; part 1 of our year in review:


I started taking tennis lessons. Too bad, I haven't kept it up, it kind of went into a halt after the summer holidays and I never got it back on track:

Lucas celebrated his 4th birthday, with a big party at the Yacht Club:

Lucas burned his hand in an escalator. He still has a scar from this:

We had a lovely winter holiday in Sweden with Mormor and Morfar. It was snow, so the kids were ecstatic!


Lucas impressed us with swimming- and water skills we didn't knew he had:

We bought a Wii - great fun:

Our friend Anna turned 40 and had a fabulous party at the Empire:

I went to my first hash (now I'm up to number 23):

We started potty training Linnea, with great success:


In March the kids went on their first hash, a bit of a trekk:

We went for dinner with the Swedish Ambassador, who was in Brunei with a huge business delegation. Since then we have met up with him several times:

Lucas celebrated Easter in school, with a bunny hunt in the Kindy playground:

We had to cancel our planned holiday to Bali, and rush to down to NZ when Bruce got injured riding his bike:

He was lucky, and recovered well - and we had a lovely week with the grandparents, celebrating Easter, going Easter egg hunting:

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