Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Santa treasure hunt

The kids were a little bit bored this morning, tired of waiting for Christmas. So one of Santa's helpers came by today, and left a little note outside our front door. It was a drawing... of our fridge??
The kids went and had a look in the fridge, and there was another drawing, of the drawers in the office - and so it continued.

We went on a big treasure hunt that took us all over the house, until finally the kids found two presents under the guest bed.

They contained santa-outfits (although Lucas said, he'd rather have had a toy, ungrateful child...), and the kids happily dressed up and played Santas for a while, knocking on the door, saying ho-ho-ho and bringing presents.

They even had time to stop and pose for a minute, by the Christmas tree:

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