Friday, 22 January 2010

My new toy!

My new Garmin is so cool!

As those of you who know me in real life will know, I'm a number freak. I like excel sheets, tables, statistics etc; and of course - anything that will make it more fun to keep up the exercise is a good thing!
This is a good thing, and cool!

It's a GPS watch, so it'll tell you exactly where you have been running, can show you on Google maps, it'll be able to tell you the distance, your heart rate, calories you've burned etc etc. It's a rather sophisticated little gadget and will give you tons of info, displayed per lap, or per run or however you would like it of course.
It connects via wireless with the computer and puts all the data into a program for you, so you can keep track of all your exercise!
This one run, is just around "our" track, so not so exciting maybe - but I'm looking forward to map some of the hash runs we do - and also to use it for some heart rate based training etc in the future.

So cool!


TinTin said...

It is indeed, a very cool toy!

Maria said...

Ohhh....I like! You must show me on Tues!