Tuesday, 5 January 2010

On a roll!

Sometimes I feel like I'm dissolving. Tonight I had my fourth shower in two days, after my fourth time of exercise. Not only do I sweat enormous amounts and feel totally soaked several times a day, I feel like the showers afterwards are just making my skin dissolve..!

I've played squash two days in a row, which I enjoy a lot! It's so much fun, and really good exercise at the same time.
Then, I've hashed today of course, it's Tuesday after all!
I've also been running, with only 53 days to go until the 10 k in Hong Kong, I better step it up a bit. Yesterday I did 10 k road running, in my super-bright yellow shirt and with Nathan's bike lights on my arms. It was hard, and long... and let's just leave it at that for now...

Those of you who are observant might have noticed two new countdowns in the side bar. I've added another 10 k race, in Stockholm! I'm planning to do that with my good friend Erika during the Sweden-trip in March. It's the first organized race in Sweden, for the season, the Premiärmilen. (I'm just worried that it might be too cold for me, who's used to running in 32-33 degrees!)
While the kids and I go to Sweden, Nathan is hoping to get back down to N.Z to do another bike race. This time it'll be without the support team though, although I think Granddad has signed up too!

We are on a roll!


Katarina said...

Wow, vad ambitiös du är! Lycka till med träningen..

Jag förstår precis vad du menar med alla duschningar.... Vissa dagar eller perioder blir det för mycket av värmen men också duschningarna!

Ser ut som vi ska vara på samma plats nära varandra i tiden. Hong Kong ska jag till i mars på en trade show och reser till Sverige i mars!

Men inte för att tävla,,, Ha de gott, du gör det bra som orkar träna i värmen och i den höga luftfuktigheten.

TinTin said...

Nämen! Ska du "hem" mitt på året? vad skönt att inte behöva vänta till sommaren.
Du är så duktig!