Sunday, 31 January 2010

Can you see what's new?

Or rather - can you see what's not there..?
No training wheels!!!

Yes, we knew she had it in her, but we have been a bit reluctant to letting her try before. Her bike is actually probably a size too big to learn how to bike on (she can't reach down to the ground properly when she falls to the side), but we wanted to get her this size bike to last her for a bit.
Today we went to some friends for an afternoon BBQ, and she wanted to try her little friend's bike, which was slightly smaller. And all of a sudden - off she goes! Oaw!
Look at her somewhat surprised but happy face!

So after that, we took the training wheels off her own bike too - and she was gone! Nathan did have to run beside though for a while, just in case, she was still swirling a bit... but she picked up speed and technique really fast!

Tomorrow I'll see if I can film her as I didn't have my big camera with me today. These photos are just taken with my phone.
Clever girl!

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