Sunday, 24 January 2010

Flying visit

We've had this season's first visitor today!
I say today, because he was actually just here one day; came in at midnight last night, and we dropped him off at the airport just before dinner time today..!
It was Uncle Kieran, who has spent the last three weeks out here in Asia on a big business trip. He managed to squeeze in a day with us in Brunei before continuing back home, and it was lovely to see him.

He had brought birthday presents for the birthday people, and even Linnea got a little something, a book with cut-out dolls - so she was happy too.

We've had quite a relaxing day: been playing a lot of fussball, playing with the remote controlled cars outside, been to town to buy DVDs, had sushi for lunch and just chilled. Now he's already on his (very long) way back to the snowy north in Aberdeen.
Safe trip Uncle Kieran - we will miss you!

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