Saturday, 30 January 2010

Me, a runner?

I've followed some quite interesting discussions on different running websites lately, about the difference between being a runner and a jogger.
It's interesting to see what different criteria people put up as definition to separate the two. Some say it's down to how fast you run, it's all about the pace you can keep; some say it's about how frequently you exercise or how many kilometers you run a week. Some say it's all about what kind of gear you use - and some only qualify people who participate in organized races runners.

I don't know.
I sure ain't fast and I don't know if I'll ever be. Most people would probably call my trotting along 'jogging' rather than 'running. I do exercise a lot though, but don't go very far every time, as of yet. I haven't done an organized race yet either, but I can soon tick that box I guess!
I don't know much about differences in shoe brands and models, what kind of energy gels that are the best or if the use of compression socks will help your recovery etc. I do have a Garmin yes (!), but that's mostly just because I like gadgets!

But for sure - I run.
So I'm a runner.

On a different note, or actually kind of the same obviously, as it has to do with running - I did a "form check" yesterday afternoon, and ran 10k around the track, to check my time as it is now, a month before my first race.

It was nice and overcast already from 4 o'clock and since I was prepared it would take me about 1h20 or so, I thought it was a good day to give it a go. As I've mentioned before, my starting group in HongKong is for people who can complete the 10k in between 1h10-1h20.
Yesterday I ran it in 1h06! Not shabby at all - for being me that is! Probably slowmotion tempo for some, but speedy-speedy for being me! I'm happy.

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