Saturday, 23 January 2010

Party on!

Lots of friends + party food + chocolate cake + water slide + some parents + party bags = Party on!

Yesterday Lucas had his birthday party here at home. We had the same setup as the last few birthdays: an afternoon of water sliding and play for the kids and some wino, snacks and chatting for the adults.
Lucas got really, really spoiled with lots of lovely pressies and he and his little friends had an absolute blast of a party! They were playing so well, all 32 of them..!

We had ordered a Swampfire (from Ben10) chocolate cake to go with the Superhero theme, and there wasn't a crumb left after the kids had got into that! Actually there wasn't any food left either, after I passed the 'left-overs' to the parents as snack to go with their drinks..!

As usual, a hard core group continued long into the evening, with good music, hot dogs and bubbles - a great day!

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