Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Birthday celebrations

So, yesterday was our birthday! Lucas was very excited of course,; and he had the whole morning planned - we were to wake him up as usual, first, with his presents, and then I was to go back to bed and get "waken up" with my presents!
We actually managed to wake him, he was still fast asleep when we came in singing. He got some lovely things, Lego (of course), HotWheels and a fussball table!

After we had got the kids off to school, it was time for me to have my celebration! It's nice to get to celebrate my birthday too, and that it's not all about Lucas... even though it was no "even" number, it's still my day too.
I had a few friends come around for coffee and cake, and fruit salad for the health conscious (...) - we had a great morning catching up, chatting away and enjoying the yummy cake (thanks Matt!)!
And, I got some great gifts too! A glass candle light holder, a photo frame, a lamp, an inscense kit, flowers, some earrings and a necklace, a wallet, a beautiful evening bag, a crystal bowl, body glimmer, a vase and some Pandora charms. (But the best one must be the Garmin Forerunner 405cx my dear husband had so sneakily got for me..!)

At pickup, we brought a box of Superhero cupcakes in to Lucas' class. He got to sit in Mr Jolly's chair, he was sung to and he got six birthday tickles from Mr Jolly before he shared his cupcakes with his friends.
Then we got busy coming home from school, opening some more presents, building Lego and assembling HotWheels-tracks!

Lucas' big party is tomorrow afternoon, and he just can't wait! It's a Superhero party, so we are expecting to see one or two Batman-, Spiderman-, Ultraman-, Superman- and Ben10-outfits.

Well, here are some snapshots from yesterday:

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