Saturday, 2 January 2010

Nearly there

With only one more day left now of these Christmas holidays, I must say they haven't felt as long as I thought they would.
Yes, some days have been a bit flat and uneventful, but mostly I've enjoyed spending the time with the kids, and not having our days being ruled by school pick-up times and other things.

3 1/2 weeks is a long period of time though and we are all ready for school to start again now. I can see that the kids are missing their friends and they need something more than just Mummy and Daddy to occupy them.

Me, I'm looking forward to getting back into routine and having a bit of my own time again, even though I have to sacrifice the sleep-ins!


TinTin said...

Borta bra men hemma bäst... och som sagt. Sovmorgnar är härilgt - rutiner likaså! ;)

Katarina said...

Allt har sin tjusning, vardag som fest!

Ha ett gott Nytt ÅR framför Er.

Anonymous said...

hey its Tina,im anonymous but have sussed this out now x