Friday, 1 January 2010

You've got mail

When I was at home this summer, I discovered some cute mini mailboxes from Bruka Design. They were so adorable, I thought they would be good presents for the kids, so they've been hidden away in the gift-cupboard for a while now.

Since then, and mostly thanks to the big Christmas-card-exchange, Linnea has developed a slight addiction for sending (and receiving!) cards, in all shapes and forms. She swiped nearly every Christmas card we got, to keep for hers, and she spends every day making cards for all of her little friends.
So as it turned out, at least she couldn't have got at more suitable gift this Christmas! Linnea got a pink one and Lucas a white one, and we have mounted them outside their rooms.

Luckily I don't have to make all the post myself, as I have fantastic neighbours that help feed darling Linnea's new passion! Misuzu particularly, is very good at "sending" little cards from Oliver, nearly daily. Each and every one makes Linnea squeal of delight when she discovers them in her mail box - so if anyone wants to make her day, post her a card!

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