Tuesday, 3 July 2012

An Urban Hash

The hash tonight became another emergency hash since there was a big forest fire raging right in the jungle we were supposed to go. So instead of getting to take Nikki into the jungle, she was eased into hashing with a rather "urban" hash - all flat and along normal roads and through industrial areas. Not short though, it was a good 5k walk, so still a good workout.

Before we set off, tonight's hash site in the background:

Also, we weren't out in the jungle under our tent for the on-on, but in the comfort of a fellow hashers front garden..! Too easy! :)
Quite a big group of hens tonight, and five first-time guests! Nikki did her little speech just fine, drank her beer when prompted and didn't get me in any trouble. Good girl!

Grandma got to get up as well, and got welcomed back as a "Returning Visitor"!

Then it was MY turn to hit the "stage"! Together with two fellow hens, we all celebrated special runs this evening. The lady furthest to the left of me had done 100, the lady in the middle 50 and me - 150 runs as of today! Yay!
(And this is what I'm getting myself this time for my award money!)

1st hash and 150th hash:

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Tina said...

ahhh i will always be stuck on my 98th hash ..

well done on the 150..