Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ture Sventon

The local theater group 'Charlies Teater' is putting on another kids play in Skara this summer. Last year we went to see 'Pelle Svanslös', and this year the play is based on the first book about the private detective Ture Sventon by Åke Holmberg - "Ture Sventon, privatdetektiv".
We rode our bikes (yay, we have bikes!) to town yesterday and were lucky to have glorious weather this year too, the little back yard where the stage is set up was basking in sun.

We got front row seats:

Here you can see Ture Sventon, his friend Omar and the secretary Miss Jansson; feasting on some "temlor" (Ture Sventon can't pronounce 's', they are really called semlor), Ture Sventon's favourite treat.

Even though my kids aren't really familiar with Ture Sventon, it didn't matter. It was a captivating and exciting play, and the actors were great. We all enjoyed it a lot.
Here, after a long bad-guy chase, Ture Sventon has caught the bad guys and is flying them off to the police on a magic carpet.

After the show, all the children were invited to get their own mustaches painted on so that they would be able to be incognito as well. So of course... face paint, we're right there!

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