Wednesday, 18 July 2012

66th Birthday

This weekend saw the Sultan's 66th birthday.

As usual the whole country has been covered in birthday wishes for the past many weeks; in the form of big signs along the highways, in the roundabouts, on every big building etc. Basically everywhere they've been able to mount one!

I'm sure there are certain photos that are approved to be used by the palace, since it's mostly the same ones you see over and over again. Usually the Sultan is dressed up with all his medals or in one of his fancy outfits or military suits - and he sure is a rather handsome man!
My favourite this year is this one though (to the left), that we saw in one of the roundabouts yesterday:

What an unusual choice! I really like how this photo depicts the Sultan not so official, more relaxed and like the man of the people he is.

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