Friday, 27 July 2012

Watsons on wheels

Well... Nathan is actually not the only one who has got a new bike - we all have!!

Yes, getting bikes for Sweden is another thing we have contemplated for a few visits, and now it was perfect timing with Nathan's new bike and all. Also, by now Lucas can keep the same sized bike for quite a few years ahead.
So, off we went to buy bikes for all of us, and then Nathan had to get busy mounting them all right away of course. Here's Linnea's little red one coming out of it's box..:

... and the orange mountain bike for Lucas, that he helped mounting:

I had to ride my bike home from the shop since they didn't have any in stock, so I got a super deal on the demo bike!

Here we are, Watsons on wheels! Ready to take on the Swedish summer roads!

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