Saturday, 14 July 2012

Going for roti

Eating out in Brunei is great, lots to choose from and very cheap. We tend to go out for lunch most days actually. Mostly we go for sushi but every now and then, usually with the kids on the weekend, we go for another favourite - roti.

This place is our local 'House of Curry' that Nathan was introduced to his very first week in Brunei, by a local guy. We've been back regularly ever since.

I had never heard of roti before coming to Brunei, but it is very popular here and it's certainly become one of my favourites too!
Basically it's a type of fried dough. You eat it by simply ripping it apart with your hands and dipping it in to the curry sauce that comes with it.

There are many different kinds of roti, and even though Nathan is trying to convince me to be a bit more adventurous and try roti with egg, onions, veggies or banana - I usually just stick to this plain 'roti kosong'. Why change a winning formula? :)

We've already taken the Whites to our favourite curry house a few times while they've been here, and this last time Liam tried another favourite of ours - murtabak:

Mmm! Murtabak is pan-fried bread stuffed with in this case chicken, veggies and egg. Lucas used to call it 'motorbike' when he was younger! Yum-yum!

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