Thursday, 12 July 2012

A day boating

Today we've had an absolutely fabulous day!
Andrew took us all out on his boat (since the 'Moneypit' still is inoperable, of course...) around to the Spit and to the islands. The kids had a blast, both in the water and on the boat. They all liked laying at the front getting tossed around by the chopping waves!

The crew. The kids at the front:

The boys at the back (well, and Linnea!):

The girls in the sun!

Linnea was helping the Captain!

First we anchored at the Spit. The kids were a bit hesitant about swimming in the sea to start with but quickly found it wasn't all that bad and then we could hardly get them out again! They just loved it, the sand, the sea and the waves!

Then we continued out to the Koruman Island where we swam a bit more, and collected sea shells and pumice. Beautiful stretch of beach..!

The snorkels were popular!

For some it was a bit much though..!

A gorgeous day out on the sea! Thank you Andrew for taking us out!
But, now we are all suffering the consequences a bit... As Nathan said: "We have one deep fried, one well-done, one medium rare and one just right!" :)
A little bit of "glow" going on here tonight one might say!

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