Friday, 6 July 2012

A "Watson" birthday morning

Since Caitlin has been one of the first ones up every morning so far, the rest of us had to have an early wake-up call this morning to get to actually wake her up with some beautiful singing and presents in bed. The normal birthday morning tradition in our house.
Happy Biiiiiirthdayyyyyyy!

She had lots of lovely gifts to open:

An eager audience!

We had got her, amongst other things, some accessories for her new phone:

And two snow globes for her collection, one from Thailand, and one here from Brunei:

After having opened and admired all her presents, she came out to a party decorated kitchen, ready for a super special birthday breakfast among the banners, balloons, streamers and confetti!

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Prashant Kashyap said...

This is Dr.Prashant. I am soon moving to Brunei and I must say one of the major factors which helped us decide about the move was your blog. Just want to thank you for that :) Keep posting and inspiring!