Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beautiful Horsham

Yes, it's been a bit too long since I've updated the blog - truthfully, I've just even so busy enjoying the holidays, there has been no time nor energy for the blog, it's been full on!
After having spent last weekend in England, we've landed in Sweden and things have calmed down a bit. Now in complete chill-out mode, it's time to have a look at the holidays so far!
We've been back to lovely Horsham, enjoyed a sunny weekend with our friends there. The very first day we went straight to lunch at Cecilia's house, just like last year. This time we thought it was a bit chilly though, so we sat inside. Here's Cameron and Lucas:

The kids weren't too faced by the weather, they went outside straight after lunch to play in the garden:


Cecilia, Anna and I:

After our lunch date Nathan and I took a stroll through town. Horsham really is beautiful! A lot of new shops and trendy restaurants have emerged the last few years, but it still keeps it's pittoresque charm. Lovely!

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