Thursday, 26 July 2012

Seasoned travellers

Nathan was worried that traveling through Heathrow the same week as the Olympics started was going to mean total chaos, so we set off from Horsham real early and arrived at the airport more than three hours before our flight. As it turns out, there was no chaos at all, actually it all went super smoothly and we now had far too much time to kill.
So, we spent a fair bit of that time in the shops, browsing. The Olympics 2012 Souvenir shop was quite fun:

We even had time to get dinner, and go to the pub (!) before it was time to go to gate. The kids were very cute, holding hands as they walked along, a rare sight!

I'm grateful traveling this time was non-eventful, made for a nice change! Nathan is unfortunately going back through Heathrow again around the end of the Olympics, hopefully it's be just as smooth then.

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