Sunday, 8 July 2012


This morning we all got up at an 4.45am alarm, believe it or not! We had a quick breakfast and left the house while it was still dark outside, to the kids great amusement. To do what?!
Well, I had signed us all up for "The RUN", a charity run around BSB early this morning. We were only doing the fun run, which was supposed to be 2k only - but some of my friends participated in the half-marathon, 12k and 5k races.

We had picked up our race packs earlier in the week and all wore the official green race t-shirts for the 2k runners.

We arrived to the race area in plenty of time and got to see off all the other runners who were starting earlier than us.

Three categories took off before us, the orange 21k runners, the purple 12k runners and a sea of blue 5k runners which seemed to be the most popular category.

And then finally, it was our turn to line up at the start!

Here we are during the run. It was the first time I had the time to stop at the marking signs to take photos! :) It was a very quick little walk for us, it turned out in the end, it was only a 1,7k long route..!

Here we are reaching the finish line. You can maybe spot Linnea and Lucas in the left photo up ahead to the left, since they decided to sprint to the finish!
On the picture to the right, Caitlin and Nikki are running in.

After our run, we waited by the finish line to cheer on my friends (some of them being teachers, so the kids know them as well) who had done the longer distances. Always nice to see a friendly face when you reach the sprint!

Even as only 2k runners we got medals!

One of our friends came amongst the Top 10 in her category and won a hamper. She is leaving Brunei tomorrow though, for good, so didn't want it - score for us! Thank you Sally!
Lucas and Liam got sent to pick it up and then we had a bit of a picnic while waiting for the lucky draw.

Lucas and I, and the certificate!

Waiting and waiting for the lucky draw, unfortunately after waiting and waiting and waiting... for all that time, we didn't win anything - but hey, we had a fun morning!

Now, it's all chillaxing for the rest of the day! It's been a long and exciting week, so a very quiet day at home is just what we all need!

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