Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jungle trekking at it's best

After our action filled morning, the afternoon continued a bit in the same theme, but this time we took the kids to the jungle. It was time for the Kids Hash!
Auntie Nikki didn't feel well so it was just us and the kids, who didn't quite know what they were in for. A group photo at the start...

Then off we went into the jungle! They had laid two runs today and we opted for the longer one, which turned out in our case to be - a really long one... It took us nearly an hour to get out!! New record I think! :)

We took it easy as the White kids had never tried this before and weren't really used to jungle walking. Plus there was a lot to look at and experience, and we were in no rush at all.

After a while we had to conquer a big hill. Linnea and Daddy were racing to the top, the rest of us just went slow and steady!

Liam fell behind a bit, he couldn't find "any safe thing to hold on to"... So Lucas went back to get him!

It really was a bit of a hike today's hash! Lots of wet and grubby, lots of mud; a few hills and up and down over sticks and stones!
Poor Lucas had to go in his Crocs as his hash shoes fell apart just as we were setting off, not the optimal choice. We even had to go back on a rescue mission for one of them that had got trapped in a big mud pool!

They did really well all of them, little troopers. Especially Liam had trouble with the terrain because he was doing in it in his sneakers, which had no grip at all. He kept sliding and slipping and falling over. Never one to complain though!

Lucas getting a helping push - and Liam getting a helping hand:

After this the photographing abruptly stopped as Caitlin was stung (or got caught on a thorn, we're not quite sure) along the path. There was a lot of tears and crying, probably even more pain and fear - but not much we could do in the middle of the jungle, so she got ordered to "Just keep walking!!", which wasn't received very well...
Finally we made it out, and some first-aid was applied to what we first thought was a red ant bite but in the end it actually looked more like a thorn cut. It got better eventually, thank god.

So here they are, back at the tent, and after the tears had stopped - all smiles again! Some water and a couple of hot dogs did the trick - and a very cute puppy also helped as distraction.
They should be very proud of themselves, it was a big trek through the Bornean jungle!

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