Monday, 16 July 2012

Action Day!

Yesterday surely was a fun filled day, full of action!
We started by going on a little roadtrip down to Tutong to check out these ATVs I've heard about. (Turned out the ones we should have done were up here at TUNGKU Beach, but hey...) We did find some in Tutong as well, and the kids got to ride them for a bit down at the beach.
A quick litte snip of instruction from the guys at the rental, a word of caution from the parents and...

... Off they go!

Liam and Caitlin has one of their own back in Aberdeen so they knew what to do; Linnea went with Nathan, and Lucas - well, he did his thing. Although he seemed to think he was in bumper cars most of the time we had no accidents, apart from Liam falling off (softly!) when he tried to turn to sharply.

They were only on for 15 minutes. We were considering extending for another 15 minutes, but at the end of their ride they were already all getting a bit cocky, so we thought better stop while it was still all good! Might go back again at another time, it was good fun!

And the Mamarazzis walked the beach up and down, to get all these cool photos!

Group photos:

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