Friday, 27 July 2012

The Boardman

Nathan talked about doing this already last time he was in Sweden, but then only bought the shoes, the shirt and the helmet. This time he also got the bike! (I had told my parents Nathan had ordered "some bike stuff". I wanted to see their face when the big delivery truck turned up with the big boxes!)

It's a Boardman, just a spare bike for Nathan to keep here in Sweden, but it's well good enough for him to ride around the countryside on. In theory I can ride it too after Nathan has gone back, since we use the same size bike, but we will see about that...
Of course he had to go out on a test ride as soon as he had built it:

So I suited up too, and went for a walk. Felt good getting started with exercise already on day 1!

I went to say hello to the cows down the road:

And when Nathan had done his loop, I got managed to get a photo of him passing me on the way home:

So, so, so nice to be out and about and not sweat (too much)..!

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