Friday, 27 July 2012

Fresh paint

We have already spent a fair bit of time in the local playground in town (that's where we were heading on our bikes yesterday), that's always one of the highlights of the holiday.
This year they have special happenings twice a week, with some older school kids who's got as summer job to spend time at the playground and entertain the kids for a couple of hours.

They had games to play, the kids could make their own bracelets or necklaces and they also did face painting.
Linnea's fascination for face paint is still strong so she lined up straight away. This time she got a motif she's never had before, an aquarium!

Lucas decided to go for it too after a bit of consideration, when he saw they could do a camouflage face. It turned out pretty cool!

Lucas and some of his new found friends also made some bracelets with their name on:

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