Thursday, 26 July 2012

At Keys

I'm so happy we still have friends in Horsham, so that we have a reason to come back there! Most of the people we used to hang with back in the day have gone back home, or moved on, just like us. But the Keys, they are well settled.
They bought a house that they have restored and done lots of work on. They have put many, many hours of work into their garden too - and it shows, it's amazing!
Thanks to the absolutely gorgeous summer weather that turned up on our second day, we spent a lot of time in their lovely garden. Nice!
Early morning entertainment:

Building a maze for Cameron's hex bug:

Anna showing off her origami skills folding an intricate Japanese paper plane:

Playing football, in the garden:

David taking Linnea for a spin on his bike, in the garden:

Playing tennis, in the garden!

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