Monday, 30 July 2012

Historical Air Show

This weekend continued today in the theme of flying, with an air show at Axevalla Hed, just a few kilometers from where we are.
They were celebrating that this year it's been 100 years since the Swedish Air Force was founded, right here in Axvall. Axvall was also the base for the first Military Flight School in Sweden.

We started by watching an air display by the monoplane Bleriot XI, the oldest still functioning plane in the world. This plane is an original model, and it was one of the planes that flew across here 100 years ago!

After that, we took a huge technical leap and got treated to another air display, but this time by two JAS 39 Gripen, the most modern of our Air Force aircraft.

After the air displays, there were a lot of different old aircrafts represented on ground that we could go and have a closer look at. F.e a FPL Super Cub and a FPL 61 Bulldog.

Lots of people were there and the weather held up luckily, an exciting morning!

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