Thursday, 5 July 2012

Boil and Bean?

Beenal and I went for coffee the other day at a new coffee shop that has just recently opened in Brunei, the Gloria Jean's. If I'm not mistaken it's an Australian chain, at least I remember having coffees in GJs branches both in Perth and Adelaide.

Apparently it's one of their 'things' to ask for your name when you order, to separate your order from other orders. A good idea I guess, if you are a busy coffee shop somewhere in Australia with a steady flow of customers - but when Beenal and I went we were their only customers, and they still asked for our names...

I had to repeat myself three times, and ok, he got close enough in the end:

Beenal thought she'd make it easy so she told him: "I'm B".
We were expecting the receipt to say just that "B", or maybe "Bee" or even "Bea", but we didn't expect this:

Ha ha, it made us giggle though! :)
Next time, we're just going to order for Boil & Bean straight away!

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Gloria Jean's Coffees Brunei said...

Hi B!

Thanks for dropping by at GJC. Hope that your experience and the drinks were great and not marred by the spelling error. We do apologize for the error and hope that we would get it right next time regardless if its Beenal, Boil, Bean or just simply B.

Gloria Jean's Coffees Brunei