Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bye bye ♥

It's big departure day today. The Whites have left already for the airport and their flight back home to Aberdeen, via Singapore and London. We are off in just a short while too, on our usual Dubai-London flight - then onwards to Sweden and Denmark.

It's been a fantastic month with the family. I'm really glad the kids got this opportunity to really get to know their cousins, so that they now really feel they are family and not just like they have some distant relatives up in Scotland.
The kids have had a fantastic time together and I must say I've been surprised at how few arguments we've actually had. It's been so smooth, most of the time (apart from the discussions about who sits where in the car...) - really enjoyable, and really easy-going.

Personally, I thought a month was going to feel like a very long time (well it is, with anyone in your house!) but it has gone by far too fast! I've enjoyed our little "collective", and having someone to hang with every day; going for lunches, doing some shopping together and just have someone to watch TV with and chit-chat with over dinner.

I'm glad our families have had this time together - I'm already looking forward to next time we'll meet. Hopefully it will be in Scotland, a lot sooner than in another three years!

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