Friday, 4 October 2013

JIS Book Week throughout the years

I got a bit sentimental and had a look back through all the past Book Weeks we've had at JIS. When Lucas was in Kindy in 2007, Anne Fine (who wrote 'Bill's new frock'!) came to visit, and the kids were told to dress as a book character, and if possible, bring the book with them. Back then they did a Book Week parade to show off all their lovely costumes. Lucas dressed up as "Little Kiwi":

Lucas recycled his outfit the following year again when he was in Reception, and Linnea, who was now in Nursery, came as Tinkerbell to the Book Week Parade:

2009, when they were in Kindy and Y1, Book Week must have passed me by, I only wrote a short post about it here, but no photos?

The theme for the 2010-2011 Book Week was 'Superheroes', and the short story author Alan Gibbons was here. It was finished off with a Superhero Assembly. Lucas was in Y2 and Linnea in Reception:

When Lucas was in Y3 and Linnea in Y1, the illustrator Liz Million came to JIS. The theme for that Book Week was 'A picture paints a thousand words'. I can't find any photos from a dress-up day, but I came along to the Y1s meeting with Liz Million:

At last years Book Week, there was a 'Tell me a story theme' with the NZ author Tanya Batt. Book Week started this time with a dress-up day, in the theme of fantasy, stories or fairy tales:

Lucas had his Y4 Assembly during this Book Week, and they acted out "The Princess and the White Bear King" story, written by Tanya Batt:

And finally, this years science themed Book Week dress-up day:

So many great memories! Book Week just keeps getting better and better!

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